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The Apple of Mother Nature's Eye

Our Story 


We are advocates of green living. Raw, all natural and wholesome to its core, we return to nature and live life true to its essence in accordance to Mother Nature's way of life. Integrated and connected to all living beings, we aspire to achieve balance by restoring our body through the natural means of this Earth

Our creations are birthed from the very grounds of the Malayan soil, a habitat abundant with natural resources, lush rain forests and a rich diverse ecosystem. The apple of Mother Earth's eye, it is a land that has breathed life into many living beings. We believe in returning deep into our roots; for healing, for restoration, for rebirth




Ingredient Commitment

We are committed in bringing the very best organic Tongkat Ali and Kacip Fatimah sourced from our beloved Malaysian rainforest for the goodness of your well-being. Founded on traditional remedies and backed by modern day research, we combine Malayan herbs into an exotic healthy blend that brings a restorative healing benefit and harmonious balance to your system. Specially crafted with no preservatives, colouring and unnatural enhancers, all our ingredients are in its purest form, selectively handpicked exclusively for an exquisite Malayan - Asian taste and experience 
Orang Asli Malaysia

Sustainability Practices

Supporting the indigenous tribe of Malaysia & their livelihood

In a world with rampant pollution and extreme deforestation, the indigenous tribe of Malaysia preserves their way of life in the rainforests to this day under these harsh circumstances. Known as the Orang Asli's, they reside in the rainforests with their livelihood relying on the daily harvest from the jungles. The Orang Aslis are the natural protectors of Malaysia's deep jungles; the caretakers of the wild. They are licensed by the Malaysian government to harvest herbs and any other natural resources from the jungles. Being caretakers, they take extra precaution and care not to hurt or damage the areas surrounding while harvesting this herbs; unlike many unlawful loggers who have destroyed the jungles through heavy logging and illegal harvesting of this herbs
At Ayu Flores Malayan Herbals, we ensure our sustainability practices by only working with the indigenous tribe, who treats the rainforests as their beloved sanctuary; providing, healing and sustaining many living beings since the beginning of time



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