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Male Fertility, Treatment of Prostatitis with Yellow Tongkat Ali

Updated: Jun 15

Male Fertility, Treatment of Prostatitis with Yellow Tongkat Ali
Male Fertility, Treatment of Prostatitis with Yellow Tongkat Ali

Medical research has shown that testosterone (male hormones) peaks at the age of 20 (100%). As men grow older, they lose testosterone. By the time they reach to the age of 50 to 60, testosterone levels will be decreased to 350mg which is considered medically the lowest level of health for men.

To promote male fertility, Yellow Tongkat Ali can help the body to produce more testosterone, an increase of up to 440%. It can promote the hypothalamic and pituitary gland to send signals to the testosterone secretion system to produce more testosterone. This is different from synthetic testosterone. Synthetic testosterone (synthetic steroids) can supplement artificial testosterone, but it can seriously affect male sexual characteristics, causing symptoms such as testicular shrinkage. Yellow Tongkat Ali is the most natural form of herb supplement that encourages the production of testosterones. Studies found that Yellow Tongkat Ali can improve the quality of sperm and increase the number, size and movement speed of sperm.

Yellow Tongkat Ali has three essential conditions for the treatment of prostatitis:
1) It can greatly improve the testosterone level of the human body, improve the immunity of the human body, and enhance and nourish the function of the human gland
2) It can use its unique and powerful antibacterial and anti-inflammatory ingredients to act on the gonads of the human body
3) It can strengthen the blood circulation of the human body, help the drug to enter the prostate, promote the effect of the drug, and truly eliminate the symptoms of prostatitis

Recommended usage: Take Yellow Tongkat Ali continuously for 6 months to help improve prostatitis

Credit reference: Male Fertility & Treatment of Prostatitis with Yellow Tongkat Ali (Male Fertility, Treatment of Prostatitis, Tongkat Ali)
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