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Why is testosterone important in older and younger men?

Updated: Jun 15

Why is testosterone important in older and younger men?
Why is testosterone important in older and younger men?

Testosterone is a hormone found in both men and women that plays a vital role in your muscle mass, sexual function, physical strength, energy, bone health, mental well-being and mood. Testosterone are naturally at more higher levels in men than women and it is especially more vital for men as it is the main component that ensures optimal male health from young to old age.

It is a natural occurrence that men lose testosterone as they age.

But lately, studies have shown that some men at the ages of below 30, who due to the stressors of life be it from work or unhealthy, compromised food, environmental pollutants or inactivity (no exercise/workouts), experience very low levels of testosterone that is normally not seen in younger men. Younger men who lose testosterone at a young age will find themselves losing muscle mass faster with decreased strength, energy and stamina. They will notice that they put on weight much easier, have difficulty in forming muscles, have lower levels of energy (feel tired by mid day), low endurance in sports or libido, decreased sex drive and an early onset of male balding. With affected libido, they will even find it difficult to get an erection due to this issue. Normally, these are common problems faced by men as they age, but it is getting more common now among younger men, which affects confidence greatly, as it is aging before your time.

All these effects above are due to low testosterone levels.More often than not, the quick but non-sustainable remedy to this would be to turn to energy bars/drinks to help with stamina and viagra to help with libido issues. All these are chemically enhanced substances that does not promote a natural increase of testosterone levels. It is merely a quick fix and does not solve the problem in the long run.

There is a more natural way to resolve this or better yet, to prevent the whole incident of having low testosterone. How, you ask? By starting on Tongkat Ali at a young age from your 20s, it helps prevent a major loss of testosterone as you age.

By taking Tongkat Ali, specifically the Yellow Tongkat Ali, an organic herb found from Malaysia's wild rainforest which helps improve testosterone levels in the most natural, non-synthetic manner. This herb is the most natural form of testosterone enhancement for men to combat low testosterone. Found only in the deep jungle of the Malaysian wild rainforests, Tongkat Ali are grown organically in the wild with no introduction to pesticides or any other man made chemicals. Tongkat Ali is known to be one of the best herbs from Mother Nature for maintaining men's health.

Maintaining healthy testosterone levels promotes long-term health for men. Research suggests that men with higher testosterone levels have a reduced risk of heart disease and diabetes with strengthened bone health. Aside from that, it also functions to stimulate the production of your red blood cells, which transports oxygen throughout the body. High oxygen in your blood sharpens focus and concentration, improves memory and encourages better sleep. You will feel you have more stamina and you will use lesser energy during work, exercising, sports and even sex.

In conclusion, testosterone is the most important, essential hormone for men's health, be it young or old. To have optimal health, it is best to start maintaining your testosterone levels from a young age to ensure you age well into your later years with high vitality, energy and libido.

As for aged men, it is not too late to combat the effects of low testosterone. Start taking Tongkat Ali now, do not wait! Gradually increase the dosage to push up the levels and once again feel the vigour of your younger days and enjoy the benefits of having high testosterone into your later years.

Recommendation: If you would like to increase your testosterone naturally, take Yellow Tongkat Ali which is scientifically proven to help increase testosterone levels. On a side note, Yellow Tongkat Ali is very bitter in nature, therefore you may opt to take in the capsule form. If you are able to withstand bitter taste, you may try taking it in its raw form, which you may boil together with either tea, coffee or any other natural drink of your choice to enhance its flavour to your liking. You may take it daily in morning after breakfast or right before your workouts.

Tips: Pair Tongkat Ali with workouts/sports to get the optimum benefit form it. You will see your testosterone soar!

Why is testosterone important in older and younger men?
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