Black Tongkat Ali Species 2
Size: XXL
Super Top Gold Grade
100gms per pack
100% Pure Tongkat Ali with no added ingredients
100% Natural Ingredients. No Preservatives, No Coloring, No Additives
100% Original Malaysia

黑东革阿里 (物种二)
尺寸: XXL
100%天然成分. 无防腐剂,无色素,无添加剂



For promoting blood circulation, boosting stamina, increasing strength & heightening libido





Black Tongkat Ali, known scientifically as Polyalthia Bullata is also natively well - known as the King of Tongkat Ali. Mild and neutral in taste with a herbal like aroma, the indigenous have recognized this species to contain libido boosting and energy giving benefits for men


黑东革阿里,被称为Polyalthia Bullata,也是着名的东革阿里王。味道温和而中性,带有草本香气,土人长期使用这个物种为能量和性欲提升男性的好处




For a glass, break the Tongkat Ali into 2 thumb size slice (about 3-4cm each or 10gms). For a teapot, use twice the amount. Wash the piece and boil the Tongkat Ali for 15 minutes. Can be consumed for 2 - 3x with the same slice. For flavor, use honey or chamomile for natural sweetness


用玻璃杯,将东革阿里打成2个拇指大小的切片(每个大约3-4厘米或10gms)。采用茶壶,使用两倍的量。洗净并将东革阿里煮沸15分钟。可以使用相同的切片饮用2 - 3倍。调风味,使用蜂蜜或洋甘菊天然甜味



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Black Tongkat Ali - Species 2 (Super Top Gold Grade) 100gms

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