How to consume Kacip Fatimah Powder 



Items needed as seen above:

1. Teapot with filter or tea sachet filter 

2. 1 teaspoon to measure 




Used with a teapot with filter or tea filter sachet. For a glass, take a teaspoon of powder and put into a filter sachet. For a teapot, use 2 teaspoon of powder. Infuse into hot boiling water for 5 minutes. Can be reused 2 to 3 times. For flavor, use tea (chinese tea/green tea), honey, chamomile or any other natural ingredients


采用过滤或茶叶过滤袋的茶壶一起使用。玻璃杯,取一茶匙粉末,放入过滤袋中。茶壶,使用2茶匙粉末。放入热开水中煮5分钟。可以重复使用2到3次。  风味,使用茶(中国茶/绿茶),蜂蜜,洋甘菊或任何其他天然成分



Kacip Fatimah Powder 卡棋法蒂玛粉末
1 teaspoon per glass (250ml)

2 teaspoon per tea pot (500ml)

4 teaspoon per soup pot (1000ml)



** Do not take powder on its own as it is not soluble. Please use a filter with it. Infuse hot boiling water, either into a teapot or glass with the powder.
**  粉末不溶。请使用过滤器。将热开水放入带有粉末的茶壶或玻璃杯中。

How to consume Kacip Fatimah powder

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