Ginseng Tongkat Ali

Size: Standard

Super Top Gold Grade
100gms per box

100% Pure Tongkat Ali with no added ingredients

100% Natural Ingredients. No Preservatives, No Coloring, No Additives
100% Original Malaysia



尺寸: 标准




100%天然成分. 无防腐剂,无色素,无添加剂




For smooth blood circulation, high energy and general maintenance of health for men and women


为男性和女性的血液循环,高能量和 一 般保持健康



Ginseng Tongkat Ali is the most aromatic among the Tongkat Ali species, emitting a strong ginseng smell and soothing ginseng flavor. Whether young or old, the root remains the same size all stages of it growth. One of the more rarer species in the jungles, the indigenous use this root for maintenance of their general well being for men and women alike






For a glass, break the Tongkat Ali into 2 thumb size slice (about 3-4cm each or 10gms). For a teapot, use twice the amount. Wash the piece and boil the Tongkat Ali for 15 minutes. Can be consumed for 2 - 3x with the same slice. For flavor, use honey or chamomile for natural sweetness


用玻璃杯,将东革阿里打成2个拇指大小的切片(每个大约3-4厘米或10gms)。采用茶壶,使用两倍的量。洗净并将东革阿里煮沸15分钟。可以使用相同的切片饮用2 - 3倍。调风味,使用蜂蜜或洋甘菊天然甜味



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Ginseng Tongkat Ali (Super Gold Grade) (Box 100gms)

SKU: TA004 (Super Top Gold) (Box 100gms)
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