Red Tongkat Ali Capsules

60 - 180 Capsules 

100% Pure Tongkat Ali with no added ingredients

100% Natural Ingredients. No Preservatives, No Coloring, No Additives

100% Original Malaysia



60 - 180粒


100%天然成分. 无防腐剂,无色素,无添加剂



KKM: MAL05092297T



For boosting vitality, improve healing, enhancing kidney and liver functions and promoting smoother blood circulation in the system





Red Tongkat Ali, also known scientifically as Jackiopsis Ornata is one of the more rarer types of Tongkat Ali found in the Malayan rain forests. When it has just been unearthed from the ground, it revels in a dark red color. After drying in the sun, the Red Tongkat Ali raw slices shrinks and turns into a light red colored tone. Generally, people prefer the consumption of Red Tongkat Ali as it has the most pleasant taste compared with the other 2 species of Tongkat Ali. It produces a sweet neutral infusion and emits a light aromatic ginseng smell


红东革阿里,也被称为Jackiopsis Ornata是在马来亚雨林中发现的更为罕见的东革阿里之一。刚刚从地面挖出来的时候,它是一种深红色。在阳光下晒干后,红东革阿里原料切片收缩并变成浅红色调。一般来说,人们更喜欢食红东革阿里,因为与其他种类的东革阿里相比,它具有最令人愉快的味道。它产生甜美的中性输液,散发出轻微的芳香人参气味




For men, recommended to take Yellow and Red Tongkat Ali capsules first. You may clear the body from toxins and increase male hormones with Yellow Tongkat Ali and smoothen blood circulation with Red Tongkat Ali before maintaining with the Black Tongkat Ali capsules





** Our capsules only uses a high grade powder that is soluble in water and easily absorbed during digestion. Normal powder is not soluble

** 我们的胶囊仅使用可溶于水且在消化过程中易于吸收的高级粉末。 普通粉末不溶




Take 2 capsules a day after breakfast




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Red Tongkat Ali Capsules (60 - 180 Capsules)

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