Tongkat Ali

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If you're searching for 100% Tongkat Ali herbal remedies, look no further than Ayu Flores Malayan Herbals. We sustainably harvest the plants and never add chemicals or other ingredients. You can be sure that you're receiving teas, extracts, and powders that are 100% pure. You can rest assured that our products from Malaysia are organic, and lead and mercury-free.

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Ayu Flores Malayan Herbals is the largest Tongkat Ali store in Malaysia. We offer the broadest range of Tongkat Ali. The Tongkat Ali dosage varies depending on what product you are using, so it is important to take the proper Tongkat Ali dosage and follow a normal cycle to get the best results. 

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We also ship internationally. Whether you have a business in Kuala Lumpur or Petaling Jaya or operate an international company promoting your services online, we can help with packaging and customized labeling.

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