Tongkat Ali Benefits

Tongkat Ali Benefits

Tongkat Ali is a shrubby tree native to Southeast Asia, namely, Malaysia, Indonesia, and Vietnam. Tongkat Ali is a traditional remedy for high blood pressure, fatigue, low testosterone production in men, and hormone imbalance in women. Tongkat Ali benefits also include stress relief, prevents weight gain, boosts athletic performance, muscle building and more. Furthermore, research indicates that Tongkat Ali contains an antioxidant compound that counteracts harmful free radicals.

If you want to experience Tongkat Ali benefits, it's essential to pick a company that provides a product that doesn't contain anything extra, like chemicals and additives. Tongkat Ali extracts from Ayu Flores Malayan Herbals come from the Malayan rain forests and are 100% natural.

At Ayu Flores Malayan Herbals, we organically cultivate our Tongkat Ali extracts and we harvest four species for our Tongkat Ali, including yellow, red, black, and Ginseng Tongkat Ali. Each species has a specific use in traditional natural medicine.

You can rest assured there are no chemical additives. In fact, Ayu Flores Malayan Herbals is the top choice for Tongkat Ali extracts worldwide. All of our products are 100% organic from Malaysia. In addition to Tongkat Ali extracts, we also offer coffee, tea, herbal soup, Tongkat Ali slices, and powder.

At Ayu Flores Malayan Herbals, we also harvest Kacip Fatimah and provide natural remedies you can buy as a supplement in powder form to make Kacip Fatimah tea.

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