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WwWhat is Tongkat Ali?


For generations, Tongkat Ali has been used by the indigenous folks as a traditional therapeutic herb to protect and cure many of their sicknesses. Today, it is highly sought after for consumption being backed by medical research of its goodness. Two of the 3 active ingredients found inside Tongkat Ali, Eurycomanone and Eurycomanol are effective in increasing testosterone levels and contributes as an aphrodisiac. It helps to avoid a condition call Andropause, which symptoms include lack of energy, increased body fat, mental lethargy and low libido levels. Eurycomanone also stimulates the production of Adenosine Triphosphate (ATP) which gives the body energy and boosts performance levels particularly for athletes, body builders or anyone doing strenuous activities. The third active ingredient, known as Eurycomanone is a substance that fights against cancer, high blood pressure and diabetes. Our premium, high grade Tongkat Ali produce sourced solely from the Malayan deep rain forests comes in 4 species: the Yellow, RedBlack and Ginseng Tongkat Ali. They are naturally harvested and organically cultivated with no foreign chemicals or any other additional forms of unnatural enhancers to spur its growth

Sejak generasi dahulu, Tongkat Ali telah digunakan oleh orang asli sebagai herba tradisional terapeutik untuk melindung dan menyembuhkan kebanyakan penyakit. Kini, Tongkat Ali kian digunakan orang ramai sejak  kebaikannya disokong oleh penyelidikan perubatan dari kerajaan. Dua daripada 3 bahan aktif yang terdapat di dalam Tongkat Ali, Eurycomanone dan Eurycomanol berkesan untuk meningkat tahap testosteron dan menyumbang sebagai afrodisiak. Ia membantu mengelakkan keadaan Andropause yang gejala - gejalanya termasuk kekurangan tenaga, peningkatan lemak badan, kelesuan mental dan tahap libido yang rendah. Eurycomanone juga merangsangkan pengeluaran Adenosine Triphosphate (ATP) yang memberi tenaga badan dan meningkatkan tahap prestasi terutamanya untuk atlet, pembina badan atau sesiapa yang melakukan aktiviti berat. Bahan aktif ketiga yang dikenali sebagai Eurycomanone adalah bahan yang melawan kanser, darah tinggi dan kencing manis. Tongkat Ali gred premium yang dihasilkan secara semulajadi dari hutan hujan dalam Malaya terdapat dalam 4 spesies: Tongkat Ali Kuning, Tongkat Ali Merah, Tongkat Ali Hitam and Tongkat Ali Ginseng. Mereka secara semulajadi dituai dan bertumbuh secara organik tanpa bahan kimia asing atau sebarang tambahan lain yang tidak biasa untuk memacu pertumbuhannya

自古以来,东革阿里一直被土着人民用作传统草药来保护自己并治愈他们的许多疾病。今天,它被许多人高度使用,对其良好做了大量的医学研究。在东革阿里,Eurycomanone和Eurycomanol中发现的3种活性成分中的两种可有效提高睾酮水平和作为壮阳药的功能。它有助于避免病情呼叫Andropause,其症状包括精力不足,体脂增加,精神嗜睡和性欲低下。 Eurycomanone 还可以刺激三磷酸腺苷(ATP)的产生,这可以提供身体能量并提高表现水平,特别是对于运动员,健美运动员或任何从事剧烈活动的人。第三种活性成分,即Eurycomanone,是一种抗癌,抗高血压和糖尿病的物质。我们的高品位东革阿里是从马来西亚的深雨林中采摘的。有4种:色,色,色和人东革阿里。它们是天然的和有机的,不含防腐剂,着色剂或任何其他形式的非天然化学物质


Yellow Tongkat Ali

Tongkat Ali Kuning


For higher levels of energy, clearing toxins from the body, raising metabolism, lowering diabetes, high blood pressure & gout

Digunakan untuk tahap tenaga yang lebih tinggi, membersihkan toksin daripada badan, meningkatkan metabolisme, menurunkan kencing manis, tekanan darah tinggi & gout


Red Tongkat Ali

Tongkat Ali Merah


For boosting vitality, improve healing, enhancing kidney and liver functions and promoting smoother blood circulation in the system

Digunakan untuk meningkat daya hidup, membantu menyembuhan, memperbaiki fungsi buah pinggang dan hati dan melicinkan pengaliran darah dalam sistem


Black Tongkat Ali

Tongkat Ali Hitam


For promoting blood circulation, boosting stamina, increasing strength & heightening libido


Digunakan untuk melicin pengedaran darah dan meningkatkan stamina, tenaga dan libido



Ginseng Tongkat Ali

Tongkat Ali Ginseng


For smooth blood circulation, high energy and general maintenance of health for men and women


Digunakan untuk peredaran darah yang lancar, tenaga tinggi dan penjagaan kesihatan umum untuk lelaki dan wanita



What are the 3 Effective Steps to Consume Tongkat Ali?


Yellow Tongkat Ali >>> Red Tongkat Ali >>> Black Tongkat Ali


First, take the Yellow Tongkat Ali to clear toxins, increase testosterone levels and energy. Higher testosterone levels (male hormones) helps with muscle building, sports endurance and higher sperm count. Then, take the Red Tongkat Ali for smoother blood circulation and liver cleansing. Smooth and sufficient blood flow brings oxygen to all the organs of the body, alertness to the mind and body. Finally, take Black Tongkat Ali for maintenance and libido

Pertama, minum Tongkat Ali Kuning untuk bersihkan toxins dalam badan, meningkatkan tahap testosterone & tenaga badan. Tahap testosterone yang tinggi akan membantu dengan otot badan, ketahanan sukan & meningkatkan kiraan sperma. Kedua, minum Tongkat Ali Merah untuk peredaran darah yang lancar & membersihkan hati & buah pinggang. Aliran darah yang lancar & mengcukupi akan membawa oksigen kepada organ-organ dalam badan & kewaspadaan kepada minda. Last kali, minumlah Tongkat Ali Hitam untuk penyelenggaraan & untuk libido

首先,取黄色东革阿里清除毒素,增加睾丸激素水平和能量。较高的睾丸激素水平(雄性激素)有助于肌肉构建,运动耐力和更高的精子数量。然后,服用红色东革阿里,让血液循环更顺畅,清洁肝脏。平稳而充足的血液流动为身体的所有器官带来氧气,并为身心提供警觉。最后,服用黑色东革阿里以进行维护和 维持正常性欲

How to Best Take Tongkat Ali

** For best effect, take one type at a time

** Not recommended to mix all of the Tongkat Ali together when consuming

** Drink more water when taking Tongkat Ali to avoid dehydration

** Do not mix medications prescribed by doctor when taking Tongkat Ali. If taking medication, please consult physician before consuming Tongkat Ali. Vitamins and supplements are fine



Follow the Normal Cycle

Slices/Powder/Tea: Minimum 2 - 3 weeks for each type

Capsules : 1 capsule bottle each type for a month

Increase Energy Levels

Take Yellow and Red Tongkat Ali longer

Take Ginseng Tongkat Ali with other types of Tongkat Ali, but take 4-6 hours apart

Improve Andropause, Erectile Dysfunction, Premature Ejaculation & Prostatitis

Take Yellow Tongkat Ali for at least 3 - 6 months

Yellow Tongkat Ali helps in increasing testosterone levels (male hormones)

Red Tongkat Ali promotes smooth blood circulation that helps carry oxygen to all of your organs

Black Tongkat Ali works best in stimulating libido if testosterone levels and blood flow are at its optimum levels in the body

Role of Testosterones in Men

Testosterone plays an important role to boost one's sex drive and for libido to be active or dopamine levels will drop; The 4 quartets of Happiness, Dopamine, Oxytocin, Endorphin, & Serotonin. Testosterone improves dopamine.

So how do we improve testosterones naturally ?

* Play sports, go to the gym, any physical activity

* Walking

* Taking Tongkat Ali 

*How long will it take to reduce or improve any of the condition? The short answer is - 

At the end of the day, Tongkat Ali is a natural supplement, results are entirely based on your lifestyle and current condition. Some people may see faster results, some slower. It depends on the individual's body. If you are expecting instant results, the functions will not work like Viagra. Our products are from the wild rainforest. They are completely natural & organic with no added enhancements, coloring or preservatives. It is a natural supplement similar to a vitamin that helps an individual over a course of a lifetime

The results will gradually increase overtime from the early periods of just under 1 month. The key is to have consistent consumption

Also, leading a better lifestyle will help in men's testosterone production:

  • Stop smoking

  • Reduce stress levels 

  • Reduce alcohol intake

  • Sleep adequate & at proper hours

  • Drink less carbonated drinks & more water

  • Eat more foods with fiber & cut down on sodium/sugar - especially frozen preserved food.(sausages, burger patty, etc). ​

Lead a healthier life, exercise, reduce stress and take natural herb supplements provided by Mother Nature. Its back to basics

Tongkat Ali helps in Testosterone, Male Fertility & Treatment of Prostatitis


Helps in Testosteone, Male Fertility, Treatment of Prostatitis, Improve quality, number, size & movement speed of sperm

How to Know Which Form of Tongkat Ali to Consume ?


How to consume Tongkat Ali slice & powder?


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