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How To:
3 Effective Steps to Consume Tongkat Ali


Step 1: Yellow Tongkat Ali 黄东革阿里

Step 2: Red Tongkat Ali 红东革阿里

Step 3: Black Tongkat Ali 黑东革阿里

First, take the Yellow Tongkat Ali to clear toxins, increase testosterone levels and energy. Higher testosterone levels (male hormones) helps with muscle building, sports endurance and higher sperm count. Then, take the Red Tongkat Ali for smoother blood circulation and liver cleansing. Smooth and sufficient blood flow brings oxygen to all the organs of the body, alertness to the mind and body. Finally, take Black Tongkat Ali for maintenance and libido

首先,取黄色东革阿里清除毒素,增加睾丸激素水平和能量。较高的睾丸激素水平(雄性激素)有助于肌肉构建,运动耐力和更高的精子数量。然后,服用红色东革阿里,让血液循环更顺畅,清洁肝脏。平稳而充足的血液流动为身体的所有器官带来氧气,并为身心提供警觉。最后,服用黑色东革阿里以进行维护和 维持正常性欲


You may restart cycle or u may choose one type to take after first cycle. First cycle is recommended for men to raise all levels; testosterones, blood flow and libido. After first cycle, some with restart the 3 step cycle to achieve optimal levels for all areas or some may only take one type to improve on specific area

您可以重启循环,或者您可以在第一个循环后选择一种类型。 建议男性进行第一轮循环以提高所有水平; 睾丸激素,血流量和性欲。 在第一个周期之后,有些需要重启3步周期才能达到所有区域的最佳水平,或者有些可能只需要一种类型就可以改善特定区域



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Ginseng Tongkat Ali can be taken to give an additional boost to increase energy levels if facing extreme tiredness, lethargy or low levels of concentration / focus. Good for those who sit long hours in the office, drive long hours on the road and even sports. You may take it few hours apart after taking either the Yellow, Red or Black Tongkat Ali. Example: If take Yellow Tongkat Ali after breakfast, you may take Ginseng Tongkat Ali after lunch

如果面对极度疲劳,嗜睡或注意力不集中的情况,可以服用人参T东革阿里,以增加能量水平。 对于那些长时间在办公室坐,长时间在路上和运动.开车的人来说非常有用。 服用黄色,红色或黑色东革阿里之后,您可以间隔几个小时。 示例:如果早餐后服用黄色东革阿里,午餐后可以服用人参东革阿里


How to Best CONSUME
Tongkat Ali

For best effect, take one type at a time. Preferable one type a day or for a duration of time (weeks/months) for better results. Not recommended to mix all of the Tongkat Ali together when consuming. If would like to mix in the same day, make sure to take them 5-6 hours apart

Drink more water when taking Tongkat Ali to avoid dehydration

Do not mix medications prescribed by doctor when taking Tongkat Ali. If taking medication, please consult physician before consuming Tongkat Ali. Those with heart issues, not advisable to take Tongkat Ali. Vitamins and supplements are fine

Follow the Normal Cycle

Usually for beginners or first timers

Slices / Powder / Tea / Extract

Minimum 2 - 3 weeks for each type for better results


1 capsule bottle each type for a month

Increase Energy Levels

For those who feel easily tired

Take Yellow + Red Tongkat Ali. Yellow to remove toxins from the body that cause tiredness. Red to improve blood flow. Thick blood carries lesser oxygen in the body + to the brain. If want extra energy booster, take Ginseng Tongkat Ali with other types of Tongkat Ali in the same day. However, take them 3 - 4 hours apart

Improve Male Issues

Andropause, Erectile Dysfunction, Premature Ejaculation & Prostatitis

Take Yellow Tongkat Ali for at least 3 - 6 months. Yellow Tongkat Ali helps in increasing testosterone levels. Low testosterone are one of the reason for any of the issues above