Types of Tongkat Ali   

Types of Tongkat Ali and Their Benefits

Tongkat Ali is traditional herbal medicine in Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam, Cambodia, Myanmar, Laos, and Thailand. It's known for its ability to boost testosterone. Tongkat Ali products from Ayu Flores Malayan Herbals come from the Malayan rain forests.

We naturally harvest four types of Tongkat Ali. These types of Tongkat Ali include:

Yellow— Increases energy, clears toxins from the body, raises the metabolism, lowers high blood pressure.

Red— Boosts vitality, improves healing, enhances kidney and liver functions, promotes blood circulation.

Black— Promotes blood circulation, boosts stamina, increases strength and libido.

Ginseng Tongkat Ali— Promotes blood circulation, increases energy, and helps maintain overall better health.

At Ayu Flores Malayan Herbals, we organically cultivate the different types of Tongkat Ali that we offer. That means you can be sure there are no chemical additives. For the best results, you should only use one type at a time. Make sure to drink plenty of water. And, if you're taking medication, talk to your doctor before taking Tongkat Ali. We don't recommend Tongkat Ali for people with heart disease.

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