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Where does Tongkat Ali grow in the jungles?

Tongkat Ali can be found everywhere in the deep rainforests. However, from what we've learned from the natives who have harvested them for decades, different types of Tongkat Ali can only grow in a certain parts of the jungle.

For example, Red Tongkat Ali is found up the slopes while Black Tongkat Ali thrives well in nearby swamps and as for Ginseng Tongkat Ali, it is commonly found within the same vicinity of Yellow Tongkat Ali.  Requirements to harvest any type of Tongkat Ali would need to be at least 5 years of age

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Yellow Tongkat Ali
Red Tongkat Ali
Black Tongkat Ali

The different levels of eurycomanone present in Tongkat Ali
from different Malaysian states

Soil & geography is crucial for Tongkat Ali's bioactive ingredient Eurycomanone to be present & strong. Which is what Tongkat Ali is prized for. There are several factors that affect the percentages in Eurycomanone levels in Tongkat Ali. For example, the geography of the island population, coastal population, & hill forest population.


The difference in Eurycomanone levels in Tongkat Ali found all over the states of Malaysia are also the result of different geographical locations, altitudes, temperatures, & moisture. However, there are still many other considerations to be taken & still more research to be done.

Graph below depicts the percentage of eurycomanone detected in Tongkat Ali in each Malaysian State.