Black Tongkat Ali Capsules

60 - 180 Capsules 

100% Pure Tongkat Ali with no added ingredients

100% Natural Ingredients. No Preservatives, No Coloring, No Additives

100% Original Malaysia



60 - 180粒


100%天然成分. 无防腐剂,无色素,无添加剂



KKM: MAL05092297T



For promoting blood circulation, boosting stamina, increasing strength & heightening libido





Black Tongkat Ali, known scientifically as Polyalthia Bullata is also natively well - known as the King of Tongkat Ali. Mild and neutral in taste with a herbal like aroma, the indigenous have recognized this species to contain libido boosting and energy giving benefits for men


黑东革阿里,被称为Polyalthia Bullata,也是着名的东革阿里王。味道温和而中性,带有草本香气,土人长期使用这个物种为能量和性欲提升男性的好处




For men, recommended to take Yellow and Red Tongkat Ali capsules first. You may clear the body from toxins and increase male hormones with Yellow Tongkat Ali and smoothen blood circulation with Red Tongkat Ali before maintaining with the Black Tongkat Ali capsules





** Our capsules only uses a high grade powder that is soluble in water and easily absorbed during digestion. Normal powder is not soluble

** 我们的胶囊仅使用可溶于水且在消化过程中易于吸收的高级粉末。 普通粉末不溶




Take 2 capsules a day after breakfast




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Black Tongkat Ali Capsules (60 - 180 Capsules)

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