Raw Black Tongkat Ali Root

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Younger Root 幼根

<25 Years <25年

rm25 perkg rm25每公斤


Older Root 老根

>25 Years > 25年

rm35 perkg rm35每公斤

For promoting blood circulation, boosting stamina, increasing strength & heightening libido





Black Tongkat Ali, known scientifically as Polyalthia Bullata is also natively well - known as the King of Tongkat Ali. Mild and neutral in taste with a herbal like aroma, the indigenous have recognized this species to contain libido boosting and energy giving benefits for men


黑色东革阿里,被称为Polyalthia Bullata,也是着名的东革阿里王。味道温和而中性,带有草本香气,土人长期使用这个物种为能量和性欲提升男性的好处


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Raw Black Tongkat Ali Root

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