Raw Yellow Tongkat Ali Root

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Younger Root 幼根

<25 Years <25年

rm25 perkg rm25每公斤


Older Root 老根

>25 Years > 25年

rm35 perkg rm35每公斤



For higher levels of energy, clearing toxins from the body, raising testosterones, lowering diabetes, high blood pressure & gout





Yellow Tongkat Ali, also known as Eurycoma Longifolia is the most common and popular type of Tongkat Ali. It is natively identified as the Malayan Ginseng. It is yellowish brown in color in its growing stages and with time, it develops a brownish yellow hue when fully grown. This species grows in the lowlands of the Malayan rain forests and survives on a variety of soils. Bitter in nature, natural enhancers such as tea, wild honey and lemon are paired together with the Yellow Tongkat Ali to produce a more harmonious and soothing infusion


黄色东革阿里,也被称为Eurycoma Longifolia是最常见和最受欢迎的东革阿里类型。它在当地被称为马来西亚人参。它在生长阶段呈黄棕色,随着时间的推移,它在完全生长时呈现棕黄色。该物种生长在马来亚雨林的低地,并在各种土壤中生存。天然苦味,茶,野生蜂蜜和柠檬等天然增强剂与黄色东革阿里配对,营造出更和谐,舒缓的输液



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Raw Yellow Tongkat Ali Root

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